Robert and Dotty Webber lived for over 50 years in a log cabin without electricity or running water. Their lifestyle was simple and sacred, inspiring generations of family, friends and colleagues. The purpose of this documentary, Mountain Souls, is to preserve and promote the legacy of the Webbers.

The film motivates viewers to consider the benefits of a simple life, one that can be fully enjoyed, despite few material possessions. Robert and Dotty cherished the blessings of deep and lasting friendships, the joys of nature and living from the land and the satisfaction of hard work. They were well-read and deeply devoted to God and their fellow man. The hearts of those who encountered them were forever changed. The Webbers believed that it is “the journey, not the destination,“ that brings true meaning and satisfaction to life.

Stories of faith and friendship are central to the narrative, as well as details about the reconstruction of the Webbers cabin at the Pennsylvania Lumber Museum. Visitors to the museum can witness firsthand the lifestyle of these modern-day pioneers.

Mountain Souls also provides a glimpse into the history and infrastructure of the Pine Creek area, including the famous trails and vistas enjoyed by generations of hikers and outdoorsman. Proceeds from the Documentary will be used to fund scholarships for young adults who are interested in environmental careers, namely forestry.

The character and values that shaped the Webber’s way of life are timeless. One objective of this film is to make known the hidden treasures that often lie within a life of authentic simplicity.

Read Reviews of the Documentary!

Dr. George Durrwachter
“Shirley and I just had the opportunity to view the documentary on Dotty and Bob. You are to be commended on such a masterpiece.
The thought and detail that you have put into this is unbelievable. It is however sad that they will never see this beautiful legacy that they have left us. It will however be an inspiration to those who follow, such a simple lifestyle one can live. As we think of our carbon footprint, they sure left a very small one.
Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be part of a Pine Creek legendary lifestyle that will never be duplicated. It is so unfortunate that we were unable to have a group showing and meet all the participants. It sure is better though to be safe than sorry.”
Stay healthy,
Tom & Deb Finkbiner
“I am at a loss for words! What an incredible and powerful CD.  Deb and I feel like we spent our whole lives with Bob and Dottie. You truly have captured the magical life of Bob and Dottie. After viewing the CD, all of my thoughts are directed towards that wonderful couple. Thank you for your dedication and goal of “exposing” the way of life that so many people would love to enjoy. You capped it off with that final shot of their grave stone with a cat in front of it. My hat is tipped to you for your wonderful goals and ability. Hope we can help.”
Tom and Deb
Charles & JoAnn Swingholm
JoAnn and I viewed it last evening, the third time I watched this 49 minute documentary in the last week. I was really glad for the very valuable contributions of everyone you presented in the video. The men and women offering what they knew of Robert and Dotty was so important for their story.  I visit their home site a couple times every year and go to the Jerrold and Moss Hollows remembering them. Super work! Thank you brother.   
Josh Roth
First, let me say… well done! A really beautiful and moving story. Bob and Dotty meant so much to so many people and it shows in their stories, memories and recollections.
Thanks for doing this and sharing with the museum. I can’t wait until we have a showing of this amazing film. I bet we’ll pack the program room!
The Pennsylvania Lumber Museum
Tom Freeman
“I honestly didn’t expect the story to be so powerful and moving. You introduced us to two people that fit the definition of what I would call “old souls.”  I have known a few people that fit that definition, but not many.  The story line, the art work and your heartfelt desire to leave a legacy in their name and in the their honor evoked an emotion that Is hard to explain. Obviously I didn’t know Bob and Dottie but I suspect what you captured in this video would make them proud, probably in a very humble way.  Well done Jeff, well done!!”
Regional Manager
Blue Ridge Communications
Curt & Penny Weinhold
“Well, we just watched the entire video & our eyes are wet.
Fantastic job well done Jeff  !
This needs to go on TV. Thinking of our PBS station from State College. WPSU
What more can I say
Cynthia Bower
“You have created a masterpiece.  Beyond that, I am just wordless right now.”
Forrest Pennington
“That whole story makes me step back in time. Wells up memories of my Grandma in Virginia and my father both telling me stories of how their family “lived to live”.
I feel privileged to know Bob and Dottie through the eyes and stories of your family.
I’ve hiked the 2.5 miles back several times I drank from the spring and sat at the vistas your film just makes me appreciate those things even more. Thanks Jeff…Great Job !!!”
Mike Bowser Jr.
“WELL DONE my friend.
Both Emotional and Inspirational!!!
We should all be able to live our lives with such purpose & meaning and in the process earning the respect and admiration of others…. without actually “seeking” it.
Those who look at life as reaching a destination are never really happy. It truly is about the journey. The people and experiences along the way.
Enjoy the JOURNEY….. stay well!!”

Craig Devenport

“Mountain Souls” is part of the legacy of Robert and Dottie Webber: models of the closeness to nature and to God that many seek to mimic. Robert liked to say they “Lived to live” as they went about their daily lives near Slate Run, Pa. in a self built small log cabin for over 50 years without running water or electricity. They influenced everyone who came to know them- with wood stove chats, a hot cup of tea, and a work ethnic second to none. It is an inspiring story for all.

Craig Devenport
Rotary Assistant Governor
District 7410

Terry Swingholm
It’s been five years that my good friend and hunting partner, Robert Webber, has passed onto heaven to be with his soulmate, Dotty. I have to thank my brother Jeffrey and our friend, Jack Deurer for introducing him to me back in “75“. It was in incredible 30 years staying and hunting with him each year. I got to enjoy his stories, eat Dotty’s woodstove cooked meals, hiked and skied his many trails and first hand lived to appreciate the legacy he would leave behind. “Mountain Souls“ I learned will further continue his legacy by my brother Jeff. And, Robert in heaven, you’re always with me, especially when afield.